Peach Parfaits

I had a bag of frozen peaches that have been sitting in my freezer for a while. I’m really trying not to waste food so I made it my mission to use them. A friend of mine suggested mixing them in yogurt…so I added to the idea and said I’ll make a parfait!


1 Large container of lowfat Vanilla Yogurt

1 bag of frozen peaches (I thawed in fridge before use)

Granola (I used a bag of almond cluster granola)


First I chopped up the peaches.


Then I mixed all the yogurt and peaches together.


Lastly, I put the mixture in half pint canning jars and added granola to the top.


SUPER EASY! It also tasted amazing! You can do this with any fresh fruit or frozen fruit that you have. Aren’t we all guilty of buying fruit with every intention of making some healthy smoothy? Days go by and that fruit is still on your counter or in the freezer…..well now you have a recipe to use it!

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