BBQ chicken wings

My husband makes some awesome grilled wings when the weather is nice…but have  you ever wanted wings in the winter time when you just can’t grill? We tried baking the wings and it just left them a little “mushy.” The fat on the wings never got crispy, so I did some research and used a few different methods to come up with wings that tasted just as good as being grilled!


Frozen chicken wings (Or fresh…we like the drumettes and those only seem to come in frozen bags)

Favorite spice (We use Rudy’s rub…it’s from this awesome place we ate at in El Paso, TX. You can purchase it online here)

BBQ sauce


Put wings in crock-pot on low for 4 hours with small amount of BBQ sauce

  • You don’t want to put too much bbq sauce in with them because there will be a lot of juice from the chicken

After 4 hours, remove and put on baking sheet

  • I put a cooling rack on the cookie sheet and placed the wings on top of the cooling racks. This allowed for excess juice to drop off and the wings won’t sit it in. 

Put your seasoning on both sides of wings

Brush BBQ sauce on side 1, then broil 5-10 mins until it’s looking crispy

Flip the wings, brush other side with BBQ sauce, then broil for another 5-10 mins (until looking crispy)

Take the wings out, place them in a bowl and toss them with more BBQ sauce or any other wing sauce you like.

End results look like this:




We made these wings for Super Bowl Sunday and they were gone in 15 minutes. Kid approved! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “BBQ chicken wings

  1. There is a way to steam them, or you can just bake them and then broil at the end. Let me get all the correct info how to do it and I’ll get back to you! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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