Homemade French Fries

Never buy frozen fries again! I have to give my husband credit for this recipe and I’m pretty sure we make them different every time by putting different seasonings on them. But here is how we made them last night, and they were delicious! Better than any fast food fries out there, and less greasy too!


This will vary depending on your taste…there is really no wrong way to season them!

Potatoes- how many you use will depend on the size of your potato and how many fries you want. I usually have medium size potatoes and I use 1-1.5 potato per person.

Seasonings- you can use as much or as little as you like. This is all about you!

Here is what we used:


You will also need some Olive Oil:


Cookie sheets for baking


First you want to cut your potatoes in a fry shape. You can make them really thick (this will need extra cooking time) or you can make them thinner.

Once they are all cut, put them in a bowl and pour enough olive oil on them to lightly coat them.


After they are coated with oil, put the seasoning you want in the bowl and mix.

Next place the fries on cookie sheet in single layer. This may be a bit more time consuming but if they are overlapping they will not cook evenly throughout the potato.


We baked these fries at 450 degrees for 35 mins and they were perfect! If you have thinner cut potatoes they will not need to go in as long or you can turn the heat down.



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