Mama said…

Today just reminds me of the Bruno Mars song, The Lazy Song. Sometimes I just want to stay in bed! But this is not an option this morning. I had to get two little girls off to school and my two year old decided it was the morning to whine like crazy and ask a million questions. I then had to rush off to a Dr’s appointment which was extremely frustrating! I am very thankful we have health insurance, but going to a group practice is irritating at times. Especially when they don’t communicate your information correctly! (But I won’t get started on that!)

I haven’t gotten any recipes up in a while, which makes me feel like I’m slacking big time! But, we had visitors over the weekend so I think I have a good excuse! Well I promise to get a couple recipes up today.

Now….it’s that time again…..time to make my grocery list and go to the commissary. I say that word so much that every time my two year old sees me getting ready to leave she thinks I’m going to the commissary. This is one of those days where I really have to motivate myself because I’m just tired! The taco bell we had last night for dinner just isn’t going to cut it for the rest of the week. (and yes, unhealthy) We are so low on groceries right now my oldest had to resort to taking a salad in her lunch….heaven forbid mom run out of snacks!

So what do you do on days where you know you need to get up and get going but you just don’t want to? You MAKE yourself get up and do it!!



On that note…I’m off to finish this grocery list and get this shopping done! If I don’t, instead of a drill Sgt in my face, I will have some crazy kids yelling like that! 😉


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