Who am I?

~* Who am I? *~

My name is Jamie Stone and I’ve been an Army wife and a SAHM for 8 years now. My husband and I are currently “baking”  our 4th little girl. (A little cooking humor…for those with no sense of humor, it means I’m pregnant) I’ve been working hard to get meals prepared and an organized home before the madness begins! A few of my friends have seen my pictures and posts on Facebook and have asked me to share my recipes and process with them, so what greater way to do that than to blog! I’ve attempted to blog in the past but found that I really didn’t have much to say…at least not that anyone would care about. I guess I have wisdom to share now that I am getting older….must be one of the few benefits of that age thing.

~* What do I like to do? *~

Well number 1…I LOVE photography! I’ve been doing photography professionally for about 5 years now and I love it. No, I’m not famous and I don’t have my work all over the place. I mainly do portraits for fellow military friends and family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve had to take some time off due to baby #4 being a bit of a stinker, but I’ll be back in the game soon. Until then, I’m finding joy in photographing food, nature, and my children. Other hobbies? Well, I like to cook and try new recipes….hence the purpose of this blog. I’m not a sports kind of girl, but I will watch the Buckeyes (Ohio girl forever) and the Bengals play and I will yell at the tv occasionally! My husband convinced me to try fantasy footfall this past season and I have to say…I really am a sore loser! But even though I lost, I have a feeling I will play again next season. Lastly…I have a love of music…and yes, Glee! Oh yes, you read correctly….I am a 28 year old GLEEK and proud of it! This preggo can bust a move too! No worries…I won’t be posting any videos of that…I know, no one wants to see that!

~* What is my background in cooking? *~

Once upon a time, 9 years ago, I married my high school sweetheart! He came home from work one day and said, “Honey, can you make me some spaghetti?” Being the loving new bride that I was, I said, “Why of course darling!” So off I go…I get the spaghetti noodles and the sauce ready to cook. At this point, I did not eat meat in my spaghetti sauce or mix the sauce in with my noodles. My mom didn’t do that, so why should I!? My husband on the other hand thought my spaghetti was weird because I didn’t put meat in my sauce or mix it! But this is not the point of the story… I put cold water in the pot, put it on the stove, PUT THE UNCOOKED NOODLES IN THE POT OF COLD WATER, then turned on the stove and set the timer. Voila! Right? Timer goes off, I drain the noodles and then I start to notice….they are still kind of hard. WHAT? In tears I tell my husband that something went wrong because they don’t look like my mom’s noodles. (I mean really how hard is it to make spaghetti noodles?) So in comes the hero, picks up the box and says…..”um babe? Did you boil the water first?” OOPS! I will never forget that day….it’s the day I started to learn how to cook! *Update* I now can cook noodles like a pro! Along this journey of learning how to cook, I have asked a few questions that made my husband cry because of laughing at me so hard. For example, I asked where pork came from? Yes…I know the answer now! I’ve also tried to make pancakes with powdered sugar. I still don’t believe that was my fault though! The jars weren’t labeled and when you just look at the two ingredients, they looked the same to me! But please…don’t let these funny stories fool you! After almost a decade, I really do know what I’m doing now!

In this blog, you will find:

  • Recipes~ I try A LOT of new recipes….really you should see the bookmarks on my computer! I will try to document the adventure through the recipe and the end results…even if they are bad! That’s how you learn, right!?
  • About my life~ Some days when I have nothing to cook…I may just write something funny my kids said. (They are hilarious!)
  • Pictures!~ Remember I said I was a photographer? Of course there will be pictures!
  • Good deals~ If I find any awesome deals or coupons…I will share where you can get one too! Life is all about sharing!
  • Guest blogs~ I have many friends who also have their own blogs/websites. I support my friends and I will share their success on here.

In this blog, you will NOT find:

  • SCAMS!!~ I am NOT selling anything! You do not need to purchase anything to get my recipes! I do free research online to get the recipes that I have and I make up my own.
  • Negativity!!~ I keep my mouth clean, I expect your comments to be clean as well. If something negative is posted, it will be deleted. I welcome your opinions, but please keep it respectful and respect others!

How to navigate through this blog:

  • The top menu will take you to the “Home” page. This is a listing of all blog posts, newest on top. Next to Home is the About Me section…what you are reading now.  Other important links to move quickly through the blog will be posted there too. Example: About me, Recipes, Photography, Fun Factor, My Life, etc…
  • Click on anyone of the menu options and on the right side you will see archives according to Month and Category and Recent posts. You will also see a search bar.
  • Right below is my Facebook photography page. Please “like” my page and show your support! Then leave me a comment if you have a page of your own and I will return the favor!
  • Under this on the sidebar will be all the external links that I link to my page.
  • At the very bottom of the pages you will see a place to follow my blog by email.

Enjoy this blog and the journey!

My family


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